Change history

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed errors relating to the use of arrow keys in text fields
  • Pop-up windows now return the focus to PokerScore once closed
  • Allow decimal points in non-numeric fields
  • Amended the profit graph to show as a normal line graph

Features added:

  • Automatically import Titan Poker results
  • Significant improvements for tracking cash (ring) games throughout
  • BB Won, BB/100, BB/Hr, Profit/Hr, Profit/100 stats available for ring games
  • New default filters to split ring and tournament results
  • Maintenance options (clear down entire database, force remove user filters)
  • The ability to edit an entered result (previously had to delete and re-enter)

Release 1.1 – December 17, 2007

Bugs fixed:

  • Display of Rake was being incorrectly rounded down
  • ITM was being incorrectly recorded in the database (patch fixes existing results)

Release 1.0 – December 16, 2007