Poker Score

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Poker Score is a free poker results tracking and analysis program.

This software was developed because, whilst the majority of commercial poker tracking tools are extremely good, they are often bewilderingly complicated. They offer reams of information that I simply did not find useful. I saw the need for a simple high level program showing fundamentally important data on results only, where the user can create their own filters to analyse their results virtually any way they choose how.

Poker Score allows you to track your play across different poker sites to determine your most profitable sessions, game types and how much overall winnings you have. Download Poker Score today!

Poker Score is developed by Steve Senior. If there's anything you'd like to see included, or you have a bug to report, then please use the Contact us link to do so. Poker Score is developed using a number of open source products - see the box for details.

Poker Score is free to use. If Poker Score is a useful product for you, please donate some money using the donate button on the left (to help recover costs; any amount is appreciated) and/or spread the word.

Enjoy, Steve Senior